Helping Individuals and Families Meet the Challenges of Funding Lifetime Healthcare

Hurdles to Health

Counting solely on employer-provided pensions, affordable health insurance and health care is no longer an option. The hurdles to health and financial security are numerous and changing faster than ever before. Living longer, and the increased cost of medical procedures means the probability and severity of these "unknowns" increases. We know better preparation can avoid the added stress and expense of an avoidable crisis, but it is difficult knowing where, how and when to start.

The medical delivery and insurance payment framework is complex and very few people know how to navigate it without help. Increasingly we are responsible for our own and our families' health and care costs. Managing these costs requires understanding the options we have, and the impact of choices we make at all stages of life. Relying on trusted resources for help is essential, be they caregivers, family, community, medical, financial or legal advisors.

How We Can Help

A major shift is occurring in the delivery of support and care from doctors and nursing professionals to family members. This shift puts time and emotional pressure on family members and can set in motion expensive and stressful situations for the people closest to you.

HealthStyles.Net is a collaborative portal designed to help individuals and families engage, learn, and implement financial and care plans over generations. It helps individuals understand how to view health and care over a lifetime, how that impacts them, and what it means for those closest to them.

Using the HealthStyles.Net Portal individuals and families can understand the evolution of roles across family members as they age, how to prepare for that, and, most importantly, to take steps to reduce avoidable stress.

The portal helps you recognize the range of options available at each life stage, understand the incremental steps to take to prepare financially, and how to take them early enough to have the most and best options possible.

To achieve this, the HealthStyles.Net portal offers secure communications, organizational tools, advocacy support, information resources, and fraud and identity theft protection, to reduce the stress and avoidable expenses of medical and care situations.

HealthStyle Services

The tools and techniques available through HealthStyles.Net yield immediate and long term benefits to individuals and their families.

  • HealthStyles.Net's Life Stage approach helps people understand and use health and care planning and see how it differs from basic financial and retirement planning
  • Management of a person's HealthStyle prevents foreclosure of options and manages expenses
  • This is the opposite of traditional retirement planning where the passage of time helps to manage volatility and reap the benefits on compounded returns
  • Providing an educational framework that embraces both the financial and the caregiving consequences of choices, HealthStyles.Net reduces unnecessary emotional stress for yourself and those you care about most
  • Using the flexible communications strategy in results in:
    • An information map specific to each individual's objectives and the timely solutions necessary for optimum results
    • Plans for each life stage through the use of the materials individually or together with family, care takers and financial teams
    • Ongoing information about changes that impact the cost, quality and effectiveness of health and care delivery allowing adjustment of plans in a timely manner
    • Better conversations, better preparation, for better choices
    • Secure document storage and management simplifying ongoing, and timely information sharing -with the right people.
    • Ability for those you authorize to access essential information to implement your key health and care directives when time matters most and you may not be able to do it
    • Empowered teams planning and implementing the HealthStyle you want

The corresponding information and training offered to Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents along with the tools to foster conversations, helps them build their business by guiding their clients through some of the most challenging decisions.