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HealthStyles Introduces "Employer Hub"
"Helping Individuals and Families Meet the Challenge of Lifetime Health & Care Funding"

Wayne, PA: August 15, 2018 – GIS Health Care (GISHC) is pleased to introduce an Employer Hub, based on HealthStyles.Net, and adapted specifically for employers.

Everyone faces the 'firehoses' of investment, insurance, medical, wellness and care information that multiple providers offer. Each speaks to a limited area of expertise but leaves people to identify gaps and determine the right questions to ask. Nowhere is this truer than in the workplace, where these silos are tangled in a web of compensation and benefits.

Employers know they need competitive packages to recruit and retain good employees. They know each employee has a different family, health, and financial situation and invest substantial time, effort, and expense to offer competitive benefits across the demographic breadth of their employees.

Employers recognize the bottom line damage a sick, distracted, or stressed employee can cause. Research says that at any time up to 25% of their staff are also caregivers, with immediate impacts on absenteeism and team disruption, and long-term health impact that increases health costs as well.

HR executives know that diverse employee situations necessitate multiple choices, and that creates confusion, which often leads to ineffective use of the benefits offered, thereby undercutting the purpose of the benefits.

According to Heywood Sloane, Co-creator of HealthStyles, "Employers get these disconnects in spades. That's why they offer senior executives concierge services and planning help, and employees assistance programs (EAPs). However, there's a big difference; senior execs get ongoing, holistic advice and help planning for their family’s future, but EAPs are usually intervention programs to help employees with immediate personal issues, not intended to help them understand what benefits fit their situation best, why, how that will change, and when." If they don't comprehend that, they simply go 'off-line' and they, along with the employer, will suffer the consequences. That where HealthStyles Employer Hub fits.

HealthStyles – Employer Hub, provides the scale needed to economically empower staff to identify gaps and the questions they need to ask. It provides convenient, intuitive, access to an employer’s investment, insurance, medical and wellness partners. It backstops the whole process with extensive support for caregivers, the biggest “unplugged drain” on an employer’s human resource. It effectively provides executive type support for all employees at a price that protects the employers bottom line.

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