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Two Corporate Strategies Joined Together to Provide a Unique Care Solution
"Helping Individuals and Families Meet the Challenge of Lifetime Health & Care Funding"

Wayne, PA: July 25, 2018 – GIS Health Care (GISHC) is pleased to announce the formation of a new platform, that tightly integrates the health and care funding tools of HealthStyles.Net and the Caregiver Services of Global Institutional Solutions. The combination brings together two corporate distribution and service strategies to provide a unique, intuitive, personalized and scalable solution for firms that strive to support their clients and employees with impactful and essential funding and care resources.

Care and caregiving are essentially “where the rubber meets the road.” Notes Philip Gow, a cofounder of both entities and responsible for bringing them together. “It fills the inevitable gap between the ‘medical fix’ and getting on with ‘daily living’. You can lean on family or you can hire help, but there are always financial consequences, and usually stress.”

HealthStyles.Net is based on the premise that health concerns and planning, along with financial planning, don’t just need to be joined together, but also need to come out of the shadows and discussed in a positive, constructive environment – not one based solely on worry and fear. According to co-founder, Heywood Sloane, "What worries people more than maintaining their health or getting timely care with a quality doctor? Paying for their healthcare! Addressing that requires help from a range of medical, care, and financial advisors. But do they collaborate? Almost never. That means individuals and families need help."

"We originally created Caregiver Services to be a comprehensive solution to the contemporary challenges of caregiving" adds Sheryl Christianson, president of Global Institutional Solutions. "Caregiver stress is a crisis affecting millions of Americans. More than 21% of U.S. households, experience daily limitations caring for a dependent adult. Caregivers are more likely to develop illnesses, experience diminished concentration, withdrawal, and clinical depression. The stress is both physical and mental. In the workplace it surfaces as chronic fatigue, poor work performance, and absenteeism."

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